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Mail to SMS: Sending SMS by Email - Cellcom

Mail to SMS
Sending SMS by Email

Send a sms by a simple email? You can with our Mail2Sms Application. You are allocated an email address and can then send sms messages from your ordinary mail program. On receipt of the email Cellcom sends it in the form of a sms.


Mail2Sms: Sms from your mailbox

Mail2Sms: Sms from your mailbox

The advantages? You can send the sms from your ordinary mail application, logging onto our website is no longer required. If you have a virtual number with us, even two-way communication is possible. You carry out full sms conversations using your standard e-mail software. We send and receive the sms messages in real time by email.


Integration of sms with existing email functions

Integration of sms with existing email functions

Our sms functionality is simple to implement as a specific software package allowing the sending of an email with certain actions. Set our email address as recipient, and give our parameters as a message.

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