The price per SMS

At Cellcom we guarantee the highest reliability. We guarantee you fast and correct delivery. We have already been offering the highest delivery ratios for years, even in the most difficult of circumstances. Think of roaming, a sporadic network signal, and number porting.

The price per SMS depends on consumption (pre-paid purchase amount or average monthly volume), but also on the chosen gateway (two-way shortcode, normal gateway or bulk marketing). At Cellcom you are always certain of the best price for the best quality. Contact us for a tailor-made offer.

  • Purchased credit has no time limits
  • Pricing depends on volume and quality of gateway
  • No set-up, no monthly charges
  • Payment by wire transfer, Bancontact or iDEAL

Standard Offer

  • Basic SMS Tool: send SMS quickly and easily
  • Bulk SMS Mailing: simply send large SMS mailings
  • API Gateway: Send and receive SMS in your own application
  • Mail-2-SMS: send an SMS by sending an email to our special email address
  • Two way SMS: you can always reply to the messages that you send
  • SMS Inbox: answers to the SMS mailing are sent to an online inbox
  • SMS-2-Mail: any answers will be forwarded to your email address. Then start an SMS conversation from your email system.
  • Auto reply: automatically send an SMS back when you receive an SMS
  • Belgian shortcodes: SMSes are sent via our 8xxx shortcodes
  • Excel support: simple texting, contacts, importing and exporting reports in Excel
  • 24/7 customer service: no time to prepare the mailing yourself, or do you need help? Contact us via email or telephone!
  • Buy online credit easily and receive your invoice directly. With regular consumption, we send monthly invoices.

Extra options