Software developers

Software developers incorporate sms connectivity in their projects. Here they use the API connections from Cellcom. Examples include specific software for real estate offices, transport companies, educational establishments and the medical sector. Thanks to a connection with Cellcom the end user can send sms messages with speed and reliability.

Sms Applications: Some Examples

  • The company WHISE developed the WHOMAN software for real estate offices. From this package their customers automatically send appointment reminders and property price reductions.
  • Admovol developed CVOsoft, a management system for the adult education sector. The software automatically sends sms messages if a teacher is ill, for example.
  • A medical software provider uses sms connectivity for appointment reminders and for when medicines must be taken.
  • A software company developed software for transport companies: orders and updates are sent to drivers by sms.

Sending Nationally and Internationally

Why software developers choose Cellcom? Reliable delivery and international connectivity. Our help desk is standing by for them round the clock. Is specific functionality required that is not provided in the standard API? We do what is necessary. Your guarantee: integration takes place as smoothly as possible.

Commission on the SMS Traffic

Some software platforms offer the user quite a lot of extra functionality that Cellcom cannot offer through the web modules. If a substantial sending volume is achieved by external software, we see it as logical that we share the profit margin with the software supplier. With our existing customers we therefore work with a reseller or commission system to appropriately pay for customers secured. With a reselling system our customer invoices the costs made for the sms services to the end customer, without the involvement of Cellcom. With the commission system the end customer creates an account at Cellcom and we invoice directly. In this case the software developer receives commission per sms sent.


We would be happy to put you in contact with other software developers through Cellcom. Or we can provide you with a summary of applications already made with our SMS API.