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Sms Notification: send crucial information quickly and inexpensively

Sms Notification
Send crucial information quickly and inexpensively

Confirm or cancel an appointment, a service that changes or is withdrawn. Sometimes you have to inform all the people involved quickly. And that is exactly what a sms does, in just a few seconds.


Simple and inexpensive

Simple and inexpensive

You send a sms? It already arrives after fifteen seconds and your recipient reads it almost immediately. You also set the price per sms yourself. Sending is child's play: you use a web module or integration in your business software.


Crucial information? It’s away straight away!

Crucial information? It’s away straight away!

Share innovations with your customers. Report their credit status. Or communicate a failure that has left your customer service down. With a sms notification you do this in a flash, your communication is smooth and fast. The applications are endless: an unpaid account, confirmation of an appointment, availability of an order, cancellation of a meeting, etc. Nothing is as fast as a sms.


Automatically send a sms

Automatically send a sms

Staff working at home, customers in other countries, technicians on the way: you easily reach large groups wherever they may be. Cellcom has worldwide cover and a fast forwarding through reliable gateways.

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